Plus size Tummy Tucks/High BMI

Dr. Ruth Celestin specializes in High BMI Lipoabdominoplasty or Plus Sized Tummy Tucks at Celestial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  An expert in the field of body sculpting and shaping for curvier figures, Dr. Celestin does not advocate an arbitrary “BMI cutoff” for her practice, but takes a more inclusive approach.  Oftentimes people are told that they are not good candidates for a tummy tuck because they are overweight.  But this approach is outdated, proven in Plastic Surgery literature to be inaccurate, and it is unfair to people in that it automatically views people as unhealthy based on their weight alone.  Celestial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery encourages self-love and is a body positive practice that does not use a one size fits all approach to beauty and aesthetics.  NOT everyone wants to look like an Instagram model and as a mother and a woman, Dr. Celestin understands this on a very personal level!  Our board certified Atlanta plastic surgeon takes overall health and body composition into account when evaluating patients and understands how motivating a rapid loss of inches in the midsection from a tummy tuck can be to ignite a weight loss journey for a patient who might be struggling to lose weight.  While some patients may be overweight, if they are healthy they absolutely can still be a good candidate for a tummy tuck.  Just read our reviews and you will see how life-improving a tummy tuck can be.  Dr. Celestin encourages everyone to seek consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in order to learn if a tummy tuck is right for you now.  And if it is not, you’ll obtain realistic weight loss goals to achieve in order to be a great candidate for a tummy tuck in the very near future.