Everything You Need to Know About Diastasis Recti—Plus 3 Ways to Treat It

We’ve all heard how important it is to “strengthen the core,” from assorted fitness pros, and for so many reasons beyond just looking taut. Not only does core strength promote stability and balance, but it can help protect you from lower back pain, future muscle injury, and a common condition called diastasis recti, aka diastasis or diastasis recti abdominis (DRA), which is most frequently caused by pregnancy. Here, we dive into all things diastasis recti, including how to know if you have it, the potential health risks associated with [...]

May 17th, 2021|

8 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Stay at a Plastic Surgery Recovery House

Recovery houses are a dime a dozen in plastic surgery hot spots known for body contouring procedures. Good ones are clean and spacious, serve nutrient-rich, chef-prepared meals, and give patients individualized care and attention from a licensed nurse. But unfortunately, it’s an unregulated space and there are far too many that take advantage of vulnerable, out-of-town patients with promises of accommodations, perks, and medical care that never materializes. 

February 16th, 2021|

3 Popular Hip Augmentation Procedures That Smooth Out Hip Dips

Hip dips, also known as violin hips, refers to an inward curve on the sides of the body, right below the hip bone and above the thigh. They’re a completely normal part of many women’s anatomy, and they can be more or less noticeable, depending on the amount of fat and muscle mass in the area. Because hip dips are created by the shape of the pelvis, they can be nearly impossible to get rid of through exercise if they bother you—which leads some to the plastic surgeon’s office. 

February 15th, 2021|