What’s Behind The Celestial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Logo?


The Celestial Plastic Surgery logo has many parts, each of which holds a special meaning to our founding surgeon, Dr. Ruth Celestin.

First, “Celestial” is derived from Celestin, which has its roots in French (Dr. Celestin is Haitian-American) and Latin and means “heavenly”.  So we can explain the logo by its parts:

The Stars:  The heavens are full of an innumerable amount of stars, representing Dr. Celestin’s belief that every woman deserves to be the star of her own life.

The Constellation Cassiopeia:  The Greek mythological Queen of Ethiopia, Cassiopeia, was a woman whose beauty was unrivaled (and even envied) by the gods.  As the story goes, Cassiopeia was cast into the heavens to be a constellation forever.  Cassiopeia is circumpolar, meaning in the Northern Latitudes, she never sets.  This represents Dr. Celestin’s belief that beauty can and should be maintained throughout our lives as we age gracefully, and like Cassiopeia our beauty does not have to set ever!

The Crown:  For what is a queen without a crown?  The depiction of a crown in the logo not only sits rightfully atop the head of a Queen of Beauty.  It also serves as a tribute to Jean Michele Basquiat, the renowned Haitian-American artist who was known to paint crowns on figures he revered in his artwork.  Although Dr. Celestin’s art medium of choice is not paint and canvas, she does view Plastic Surgery as an art form and in this way is a kindred spirit with Mr. Basquiat.

We hope that understanding our logo will give you a better understanding of the Celestial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery way.  Everyone deserves to look and therefore feel their very best, and our goal is to help our patients get there. Not by changing who they are, but by enhancing the package they are in.  We believe that self maintenance is the highest form of self love, so we are honored that you chose us to help you better love the skin you’re in!