8 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Stay at a Plastic Surgery Recovery House

Recovery houses are a dime a dozen in plastic surgery hot spots known for body contouring procedures. Good ones are clean and spacious, serve nutrient-rich, chef-prepared meals, and give patients individualized care and attention from a licensed nurse. But unfortunately, it’s an unregulated space and there are far too many that take advantage of vulnerable, out-of-town patients with promises of accommodations, perks, and medical care that never materializes. 

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3 Popular Hip Augmentation Procedures That Smooth Out Hip Dips

Hip dips, also known as violin hips, refers to an inward curve on the sides of the body, right below the hip bone and above the thigh. They’re a completely normal part of many women’s anatomy, and they can be more or less noticeable, depending on the amount of fat and muscle mass in the area. Because hip dips are created by the shape of the pelvis, they can be nearly impossible to get rid of through exercise if they bother you—which leads some to the plastic surgeon’s office.  “The most common thing people ask for [with hip augmentation] is to smooth out hip dips,” explains Dr. Pat Pazmino, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami. There are several different ways to do so, some of which are also effective solutions for those who simply want to increase the size of their hips and have more of an hourglass figure. Here is everything you need to know about three hip augmentation options. 

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7 Plastic Surgeons Describe How Patient Requests Have Changed Since the Pandemic Began

2020 will inevitably go down in history as the year that changed, well, everything. And that includes the types of cosmetic procedures people are asking for. Turns out, our “new normal” has had a direct impact on both how we want to look and our attitude toward the treatments that can help achieve the desired end result. Here, seven plastic surgeons reflect on how their patients’ desires were different this year. One common denominator the doctors have seen? Business is booming. 

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